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A new direction.

Products we love designed to help the environment heal.


Foodware that works.

AirCarbon is dishwasher safe and reusable, never gets soggy in hot or cold, and has a carbon-negative footprint.
As a home compostable material, it is built to help prevent the long-term accumulation of synthetic plastics in the environment.



% biodegraded 


polypropylene / polyethylene

(per ASTM D6691)


Regenerative foodware.

Using AirCarbon, we are making reusable and regenerative
to create products that work for people and the planet.

Carbon-negative fashion.

Using AirCarbon, we are making regenerative, carbon-negative fashion, starting with eyewear and leather replacements.


Fashion that heals.

AirCarbon-based fashion products are beautifully designed to protect the things we love, and reverse the flow of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gas out of the air.


These products alone won't solve climate change, but they empower people to turn fashion into a force for good, and demonstrate that greenhouse gas can be transformed into something beautiful.

AirCarbon footprint: -87.76 kg CO2e/kg

as independently certified by Carbon Trust

according to PAS 2050: 2011


Animal-free and crop-free protein

One of the byproducts of making AirCarbon is protein, and within the coming few years, we intend to launch this product to market to help reduce the stress of agriculture on the land.


No animals, no food crops, no pesticides, no GMOs.

Just clean goodness.


Biocompatible textiles.

Since AirCarbon is PHB and PHB is made in the body, on an immune basis, the body recognizes it as itself.  In the coming years, we intend to launch textiles for biomedical and personal care applications.


Textiles that are hypoallergenic and biocompatible to increase comfort and help the body heal itself faster.

Nature knows best: let's put it to work.

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