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It started in 2003 with a question:

what if we could use the technology in nature
to turn greenhouse gas into high-value materials?

For the next 10 years,
we worked to answer that question.

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Our first objective:
make it scalable.

​Early on, we discovered that microorganisms from the ocean use air and greenhouse gas to make a material every day called PHB: 

a meltable energy storage material that can be molded into shapes, fibers, and sheet.

The problem was: the technology did not yet exist to make this process viable on land.


Over time, we built,

we struggled...and we learned.

With incremental progress, we discovered how

to make the technology work.

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Along the way, as we saw greenhouse gas transformed into a beautiful material, certain things became evident:


the future is not yet written

true strength is mutually constructive

there is unique good and profound potential in everything

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After 10 years of research, a new material was born.

We call it AirCarbon.


​In August 2013, we ran the technology
at large scale for the first time:

using microorganisms from nature to make PHB from 
air and methane-based greenhouse gas dissolved in saltwater.

​Our mission now:

change at scale.

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Our vision is to harness greenhouse gas as a resource to create AirCarbon at global scale 

to help solve plastics pollution and climate change.


To achieve this, we have assembled an extraordinary group of people:

people who believe things can and must change.


Our people.

Our code.






From one, many.

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