But one becomes many

and many can move mountains.

lots of clouds 

To heal.

If we created the problem, we can fix it, and that's our mission.



By using biomaterials, we can end the accumulation of synthetic plastic in the ocean.



If we can hold carbon in our hands, there is no reason we have to let it go into the air. 

Image by Aron Visuals

All things start with one.

one cloud 




Nature doesn't know what to do with plastic because it is synthetic, and so it never goes away: choking our animals, and ending up in our food and bodies.

By 2050, at the world's current pace, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.


We can't let that happen.





Our plan: harness nature.

We believe one way to help end plastic pollution is to replace it with something made by life that works for both people and the planet.  So that's what we worked to create:

• made by life

• home compostable

• durable in hot and cold

• reusable & dishwasher safe

• carbon-negative

That's AirCarbon.


Our plan: comeback.

Some things, like a tree growing, move carbon in the other direction.  


We aim to use AirCarbon to help end climate change by showing that carbon doesn't have to go into the atmosphere.


We can use AirCarbon to make beautiful, high-performance products that help decarbonize industries such as fashion, and turn them into a positive force.  As we do, we hope others ask:

if we can do this with greenhouse gas, what else can we do?


To help make that happen, we have created new tools for carbon tracking.

In 2018, we partnered with IBM to create the world's first blockchain-based carbon tracking system, so you can see the exact carbon impact of your AirCarbon product, as well as the third party that independently calculated and certified it.




-88 kg 


The carbon footprint of AirCarbon in CO2e kg/kg, as independently certified by Carbon Trust.  

The challenge is massive, but we can't give up.

400 ppm

The amount of carbon in the air keeps going up, and every decade is hotter than the last.

Information is respect.

We think everyone should be able to easily see the carbon impact of their products, so they can decide for themselves what kind of impact they want to make.

Right the story.

Today, we are harnessing nature to turn air and

greenhouse gas into AirCarbon: a beautiful biomaterial.


In our journey, we have learned that the future is not set.

Help us write a new story.