nature seems to display an interesting philosophy, that:


shared good is the strongest and most enduring force in the world.

we think that's worth considering.

aircarbon is an energy storage material made in all living things, from trees and tigers to flowers and humans:

a material that connects us.

aircarbon is a meltable molecule, meaning it can be isolated, melted, and forged into fibers and solid parts.

aircarbon is used as energy for growth by microorganisms, so if it ends up in the environment, microorganisms in the soil and ocean re-consume it as food to grow and turn it back into greenhouse gas, creating a regenerative cycling loop.

today, we are using aircarbon to help make life safer, cleaner, and healthier, starting with regenerative consumer products that are designed to help reduce the amount of synthetic plastics in the ocean and carbon in the air.

we only get 1.

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