what if we could do more than just sustain?


to create the world we seek, we think quantifiable action in the direction of our goal is where we need to go.

when made using renewable power, the production of aircarbon reduces the amount of carbon dioxide-equivalent gas going into the air on a cradle-to-gate basis, creating a net regenerative carbon impact.

but, for us, saying this alone is too general.


at newlight, one of our goals is to create and encourage new standards in transparency, so people have the information they need to decide what kind of impact on the environment they want to make.

we think environmental impact data should be quantifiable, product-specific, and trackable.


to meet this standard, we have set up one of the world's most advanced tracking systems using IBM-backed blockchain technology: giving us third-party verified and audited cradle-to-gate carbon impact traceability for every product we make.


that means when you receive aircarbon, you know exactly how much carbon was diverted from the air in the process, and who independently verified the net carbon impact.

it's 1 step.  let's take more.

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